OEM Licensing

If your product qualifies for OEM licensing, we will provide you with a Thinfinity VirtualUI OEM Licensing Library that enables OEM-licensed Companies to create and revoke end-user Thinfinity VirtualUI licenses.

There are two prerequisites:

· The application that uses the OEM Licensing Library (Thinfinity.VirtualUI.OEM.dll) must be digitally signed.

· You must have a valid OEM key.

To get an OEM key, you must provide Cybele Software with a digital certificate's thumbprint. On each licensing request, three parameters will be used to validate the requestor:

· The OEM-licensed Company's e-mail.

· The provided OEM key.

· The digital certificate's fingerprint, taken from the digital certificate that signs the executable making the OEM library call.

The generated OEM key and the digital certificate's thumbprint, along with your customer identification (e-mail), will be used to securely validate the licensing requests your application will make.

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