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Web Interface Section
Appendix B - Tailoring the Interface
Symbol Reference Section
Thinfinity VirtualUI is composed of:
· Thinfinity VirtualUI Javascript Client, running on an HTML5-capable web browser
· Thinfinity VirtualUI Server, running as a Windows Service
· Thinfinity VirtualUI SDK dlls and/or source code files libraries referenced and/or included in your Windows application
· Thinfinity VirtualUI Gateway, optional scaling and load balancing components.
Development Machine
· Operating Systems:
- Microsoft Windows 8 32bit / 64bit
- Microsoft Windows 10
- Microsoft Windows Server 2012
- Microsoft Windows Server 2016
- Microsoft Windows Server 2019
· A development environment:
- Microsoft Visual Studio
- Delphi 5 to 10.1 Berlin
- C++ Builder
- Microsoft Visual Basic (including VB 6.0)
- PowerBuilder
- other
· The application can use .NET WPF, GDI, GDI+ and limited DirectX calls.
Server and Gateway Machine
· Windows 10
· Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2
· Windows Server 2016
. Windows Server 2019
End-User Machine
· Any operating system and/or device with an HTML5-compliant web browser.
· Any modern web browser (HTML5-compliant) such as IE10/11, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge, etc.

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