Print Preview

When printing remotely with a standard dialog, the application has access to the Server's machine. In order to print with the local printers, Thinfinity VirtualUI can now send the document from the server to the browser as a pdf.

When printing, choose 'Thinfinity VirtualUI' as a printer, or create a button in your application that calls this method directly.

You will be presented with the following dialog.



Bypass this dialog (you can change this option later)

Check this option to bypass this dialog and send the document directly to Direct Print or Google Cloud Print.

Google Cloud Print

Prints this document using your Google Cloud printers. If you are logged into a Google account you will see a list of available printers.

Direct Print

Print this document to the local printers.


Sends the document to the configured printer. When pressing OK you will either see the Google Printers or the local printers.

Every time you use this printing method, you will see the following message in the top-right corner of the browser:

This dialog lasts for a couple of seconds before you see the next printing dialog, which can be the VirtualUI preview, or the list of Google Cloud or Local printers.

· If you have opted to bypass the VirtualUI preview dialog, you can access it again by clicking on the 'Preparing document...' message, so you can change whether to use Google Cloud Print or Direct Print, or not bypass the dialog the next time.

· If you have opted to bypass the VirtualUI preview dialog and you press 'Escape' during the 'Preparing document...' message, you will see either the Google Cloud printers or the local printers.

· If you haven't opted to bypass the preview dialog, clicking this button or pressing 'Escape' will take you to the preview dialog.

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