Creating jsRO Objects

As stated previously, the sjRO models are created in the application and then propagated to the browser, where they can be consumed from Javascript through a Thinfinity.sjRO class instance.
Let's see a complete example of this sequence:
Both examples create a 'ro' object, which has a 'text' property with the value: 'Hello!'.
Using Delphi, in the Create method of the form:
// Creates the remote object and its property
ro := TJSObject.Create('ro');
Using C# (.Net Winform application)
// Creates the remote object and its property
ro = new JSObject("ro");
Let's see how to work with this object from Javascript:
$(document).ready(function () {
var jsro = new Thinfinity.JsRO();
var ro = null;
jsro.on('model:ro', 'created', function () {
ro =;
Sequence diagram for the creation of an object:
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