This is how the Thinfinity VirtualUI Server Manager looks in a Standard Mode installation.

You will find the following options:




A list of the gateway's ports that a user can connect to in order to access this server's resources.


Add a new binding to the Gateway Bindings.


Edit the selected binding


Remove a binding Bindings list.


Navigates to the selected binding.

Enable external access in Windows Firewall

Adds the currently configured bindings on the Windows Firewall exception list. This is mandatory for certain Windows Firewall configurations.

Network ID

The network ID identifies this installation. Thinfinity Remote Desktop Servers that want to share their resources through one or more Gateways must match their Network ID.

Press this button to see and/or change the Network ID. The default value is a random string but you can change it to something more descriptive.

Show Log

Press to open the file with the Thinfinity VirtualUI log.

Always remember to press 'Apply' in order to save the changes.

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