Activate a Serial Number Online

This is how the "Activate a Serial Number Online" windows looks:


Enter the e-mail address you've registered with.


Enter the serial information we provided you.

Licensing Server URL

If you installed the License Server administrator, enter the License Server URL. Otherwise leave this blank.

If the license information is incorrect, you will see this warning: "The license information is invalid". In this case, please verify the following:

- That you are entering the exact email and Serial number sent to you. The best practice to do this correctly is to copy - paste it, being careful not to include any space after or before.

- That you have a working internet connection. If you intend to install it in a machine with no internet connection, you can try the Manual Activation. If you have internet restrictions because of a proxy, try the Proxy Activation.

If you need additional help, contact us.

If the license information is correct, the License Manager will let you know that "The new license has been installed successfully" and its information will be show in the License Manager.

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